●  About Ralkinz  

Rali is a double graduate in 2D and 3D Animation with several years of experience in the industry.


She has always bathed in the world of illustration and animation, passionate about both drawing and tattooing, especially drawn towards the Trash Polka style.


In 2016, she was noticed by an experienced tattoo artist in that particular style, became his apprentice and adopted her name Ralkinz. Shortly afterwards, she left the world of animation to pursue her passion for the art of tattooing and joined one of the biggest Montreal tattoo studios.

In 2018, Ralkinz decided to expand her horizons and pursue her career in a more private, creative-friendly and professional environment and founded XYZ Private Tattoo Studio in Montreal, Canada

Ralkin'z style is characterized by graphic black and red hand-drawn designs with a touch of an ink feeling. She loves a wide range of subjects such as animals, floral, geek culture, woman faces, architecture, abstract and many more.