● Flashbook

How to book?​​


SEND EMAIL to tattoo@rali.info with the following information:


  • Your Name

  • Which tattoo you want (design name & number + screenshot)

  • Where you want your tattoo precisely (ex: right forearm, side of left calf, etc)

    • Usually flash tattoos are available for arms & legs only unless stated otherwise

  • How big you want your tattoo? (cm/inch)​​​

    • The proportion of drawings vs white background on the pictures below IS NOT a size reference

    • To give you an idea: MEDIUM designs are usually 6-10 inches tall depending on the design and the details

Once your request is received, you will receive an informative e-mail regarding the flash of your choice (size,price quote,possible dates,etc).

First-come, first-served. 

The final price quote will be determined by the size & placement you wish to get your tattoo
However, I've placed an indicator underneath each drawing to guide you as much as possible
S - SMALL : 160 - 300 $
M - MEDIUM: 320 - 480 $
L - 500+ / priced by the hour