●  FAQ  

Hi there! Welcome to my FAQ :)

I've made sure to include ALL of the answers to previously asked questions.
I encourage you to read the following before booking an appointment so we're both on the same page. For any additional information, please contact me through my e-mail. Thank you!



  • ANSWERS:  You can contact me both in French or in English. 

  • HOW I WORK: Each design is one of a kind, personalized with care and hand-drawn in advance.

  • BOOKING & OUT OF TOWN CLIENTS: Consultations are mandatory. To book a consultation appointment, please fill up the booking form when available.  Must be 18+ to book a tattoo


  • NON- REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT POLICY: Each consultation requires a non-refundable deposit of 140$, deducted from your last appointment (if multiple sittings) - large-scale projects (sleeves, pack pieces, etc) require a deposit of 300$ (as there would be more tattoo days reserved for your project). The deposit covers the time spent on the communication & creation of the design or reservation of flash tattoo and the booking of the tattoo day. No tattoo appointment will be given without a deposit.

       The deposit will be forfeited if:

                  - You cancel your appointment less than 72 hours before the beginning of your tattoo. In this case, a second deposit will be requested (submitted in the following two weeks) to book another date. If you need to reschedule, please let me know ASAP via e-mail. I understand that some events may occur in those 72 hours before your tattoo appointment forcing you to cancel, but since I want to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made whatever the motif is.  

                  - You don`t show up to your appointment without any notice. Your design will be discarded or put up as a flash tattoo.

                 - LATENESS: If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment and if you have not attempted to contact me (e-mail, facebook or instagram) about your tardiness before the beginning of your appointment, you will lose your tattoo day AND your deposit. I do not ensure my presence at the studio after that time period, since I only book one person per day.

                 - For each deposit, you can reschedule your appointment day once, as long as it`s during the current booking period. If you reschedule your appointment more than once a second deposit will be needed to reserve a third appointment attempt day. Unfortunately, as I don't have many cancellations, there is a big chance that your new tattoo date will come in a few months or at the beginning of the next booking round. For any large-scale projects (sleeves, back pieces, etc) any cancellation of consecutive appointment days will result in the forfeit of the deposit (ex: you decide to reschedule all the appointments for your project or cancel back-to-back days).

                  - If you decide to have a major change to your tattoo idea, please let me know at least three weeks before your tattoo appointment, so I could plan out a different design or reschedule your appointment (as I don't want to rush anyone's tattoo idea). Please keep in mind that I may not accommodate big/last-minute design changes if I have already started your drawing. If you change your idea and it's something I cannot accommodate, the appointment will be cancelled at your expense. So please be sure to be really clear in your ideas when booking.

                  - Major changes on the day of the tattoo: If you decide to change more than 50% of the design presented to you and the corrections take more than 45 minutes, the deposit will no longer be included in the final price. Small design changes are accepted and I won't start tattooing as long as you are not happy with your drawing, don't worry!

                  - Floating deposits (i.e. you have cancelled your appointment, but haven't requested to reschedule your tattoo) will be valid up to six months after the first cancelled tattoo day.


  • PROJECTS I NO LONGER TAKE: I keep the right to refuse any projects that don`t suit my current style (bold and graphic black and red style) or any ideas that I have already done a multiple of times and I don`t feel like I can bring something new and creative to the table. I will also no longer accept: cover-ups, working/integrating existing tattoos/continuing tattoos done by other artists.
    I also usually don't take any lettering, I don't do "watercolor tattoos" as well as pet portraits (exception will be made if you provide a high resolution picture with enough contrast and good posing), animals such as: wolf, lion, fox, phoenix, spider, dragon (as I've done many of them/it's a subject that comes often in future projects - if your project has such subject included, you can still submit is, but I'll only accept out-of-the-box/original ideas), and other "popular" tattoos such as compass, arrow, maple leaves, infinity symbol, feathers, silhouette of trees arm bands etc.  If you feel like you need an explanation why I no longer book those kind of projects, please send me an e-mail and I`ll be happy to answer you. 


  • RESCHEDULING: If you have to cancel / reschedule your tattoo appointment, you must let me know minimum 72 hours in advance before the beginning of your tattoo appointment (via e-mail ONLY)  in order to preserve your deposit. Otherwise, a second deposit will be required to book a new tattoo appointment and the first one will cover the cancellation and would no longer be included in the final price. 

  • WAITING LIST: Last-minute calendar openings due to cancellations will be posted on INSTAGRAM and given out in first-come, first-served basis (for flash tattoos or continuing pre-existing tattoos). 

  • HOW MY BOOKING WORKS: I open sporadically my booking every few months. The date of the opening is announced on my Instagram (profile description) and reminders are posted a few weeks before. If my booking is currently closed, it means that I don't have the possibility to take any more projects, small or big. Once my booking is open again, a consultation form will be available on the main page here and you could submit your ideas through it. 

  • TRAVEL PLANS: all guest spots  will be posted on my Facebook or Instagram. As I own a private studio in Montreal, Canada, I don't really travel and prefer tattooing in my familiar environment.

  • LARGE PROJECTS PLANNING: I usually give out the first three dates for your tattoo appointments. A fourth date will be given on your first/second session and so on. Usually you have 2+ weeks/month between sessions as to let the tattoo heal. As to allow my style to evolve and change rapidly, I prefer working and completing large-scale projects in the less possible amount of time (so please be serious when booking such a project as we might have frequent appointments which require commitment and time from your end too). Ex: If you plan on getting a sleeve over many years instead of completing it within a year, please consider booking in a smaller project.


  • DESIGNS POLICY:  Custom designs won't be send over the Internet and will be shown and altered only at the tattoo appointment. Each design (custom or flash tattoo) is unique and cannot be replicated.

  • FLASH TATTOOS PROCEDURE: For flash tattoos, a non-refundable deposit is required before the online consultation and it's first-come first-served. As soon as the deposit is received, the flash design is reserved to your name. The deposit can't be interchanged for another flash design. The flash designs are sold as is, no changes available. 

  • I LIVE ON ANOTHER CONTINENT CAN I STEAL YOUR DESING?: If you are living far away and cannot get a tattoo from me that doesn't mean that you can grab my designs and get them tattooed by your local artist. This is considered as stealing my art and totally disrespectful to my work and time I have spend working day and night on those drawings. Feel free to be inspired, but don't copy. Your artist must be able to draw their own tattoos if they are true tattoo artists without copying and taking advantage of someone else's work. It takes a lot of time and energy to do original and personalized designs for my clients and I like showing my art on social media as this is how I advertize my work. I'll be really happy to book you a tattoo and create something that fits you and only you perfectly if you are willing to travel / if I visit your country in the future.

  • STYLE PREFERENCES: My preferences lean towards larger custom designs. In the future I hope to work mostly from self-proposed projects and flashwork, meaning that there will be less space eventually for client-proposed projects. I enjoy ink splashes, animals, nature and objects mostly. I would like to do more large scale projects that flow and breathe through the shape of your body and those will be taken in priority. In order to keep my work fluid and evolving I tend to keep an open mind regarding tattoo subjects and I constantly try to evolve and refine my style. The more freedom of experimentation you give me, the more creative I'll be designing your project. I prefer when my clients provide me a direction regarding the subject and approximate size/placement and leave composition and visual to my discretion.


  • HOW LONG WILL MY TATTOO TAKE / COST ? I cannot discern exactly how long a tattoo will take, if you have a concern regarding budget and timing please reach out to me via e-mail or make a note in your request form. The duration of the tattoo depends on many factors such as placement, details and how well you are handling getting tattooed. 


  • BILLING: My current rate is 160/h CAD if you book now and it's a subject of change in the future. You will be billed according to the hourly rate of the time of your consultation. Drawing time is on me and it`s already included in the cost of your tattoo. I tattoo for a maximum of 5-6 hours /day. Some exceptions can be made for out-of-town clients if my calendar allows longer sessions. There is a day minimum of 400$ CAD for any custom design.


  • ONLY CASH PAYMENTS: The only accepted method of payment is cash, both for consultations or tattoo appointments (except online transactions for online consultations). There is no ATM available at the shop, so please plan out accordingly.


  • DO YOU LEAVE A TIP? Tips are appreciated but not expected. There is no set protocol for tipping tattoo artists: you can tip as much or as less as you want. If you want to thank me for my work, I also enjoy art, hand-made stuff, everything that has sugar in it or simply a small souvenir of your passage that I can put up somewhere in the studio. :)


  • WHERE? I own a private tattoo studio in Montreal, Canada. The address is given only by appointment.

  • UNEXPECTED VISITORS: Can I drop in and say hello? If you don't have an appointment booked with me, please refrain from stopping by the studio. The sentiment is appreciated, but I need to focus on my appointments and ensure the privacy and comfort of my clients.

  • CAN I BRING A FRIEND?  As it's a small private studio, unfortunately our space isn't designed to receive many friends at once. I also share my space with a colleague and to ensure the privacy and comfort for both of our clients:

  •                 - Please do not come accompanied with a friend for your consultation as I usually have many consultations one after the other and I don't want to get the studio crowded and disturb the work of my colleague.  

  •                 - You are free to bring a friend for your tattoo appointment, no worries. Please limit that number to only one. There is a special sofa designated to welcome your friend if needed. Personally, I prefer tattooing without having an extra person in the room as it helps me to concentrate more on my work.

  • MATERIAL: I use vegan friendly ink (I can provide you the MSDS sheet with ingredients upon request if you are worried about any allergies) and a vegan-friendly vitamin based ointment as a replacement to stock-standard petroleum jelly along with green soap mixed with distilled water. In order to keep the studio and our equipment clean, we use hospital grade disinfectants, surfactants, germicides, etc, which I can't certify if they are vegan or not. We are first and foremost a medical profession and refuse to cut corners on cross contamination and infection control. This is for your protection and the clients who come after you. Thus said, I cannot guarantee that you are getting a 100% vegan friendly tattoo.

  • TATTOO DAY: Make sure to come to your appointment well rested and pack some snacks as well as a water bottle. Eat and hydrate prior to your tattoo. Please, do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment. Anyone who comes under the influence of recreational drugs or psychoactive substances as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women will be denied their tattoo appointment.

  • HEALTH & SAFETY: All of our artists are certified and had gone through bloodborne pathogens infection prevention training program. 

  • AFTERCARE: At the end of your appointment, you will receive an aftercare sheet with everything you have to know about taking care of your new tattoo. If you have any allergies or concerns, please feel free to send me an e-mail before booking a tattoo.   


  • PACK SOME SNACKS / LUNCH: There is a small fridge and a microwave at your disposition. Feel free to bring your food for the day.